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About My Term Life Guy

My Term Life Guy is a life insurance brokerage that offers the best possible rates for the top term life insurance companies in the United States.

We have helped thousands of people save money on life insurance for the past 30 years. Common conditions like excess weight, sleep apnea, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and heart disease are some of the issues that have prevented people from applying in the past.

New guidelines are helping those who used to be uninsurable or highly rated. We believe in educating our clients on the rating process to ensure they get the price they deserve.

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My Term Life Guy is energetic and will give you the type of service that money can’t buy, so to speak! If you are looking for his type of skills, I recommend you giving him a try. I’m sure if he can’t help, he will point you in the right direction!
The Dedders

3 months ago

The Folks at My Term Life Guy are knowledgeable, helpful and most importantly accessible!
Lisa Lachs

This Month

My Term Life Guy is the most knowledgeable and experienced advisor I have ever known in his field. I am a lawyer, and Scott handles 100% of my personal and firm’s business, and I have referred everyone I know to Scott… My family and relatives, my friends, and all of my firm’s clients. I cannot speak more highly of Scott and his staff.
Joseph Bochicchio

4 months ago

the best of the best and always helpful.
Charles Klumpp

Last Month