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There are dozens of different things that could cause you to be considered a “high-risk” applicant. These applicants are going to pay more for their policy, and in some cases, they could be declined for life insurance coverage. To name a few types of high-risk categories would be health-related issues, types of occupations such as pilots, military or even law enforcement. Individuals who are also into high-risk hobbies such as sky diving, hang gliding, mountain climbing would also be considered high risk.
High Risk Life Insurance Experts

High-Risk Term Life Insurance at MyTermLifeGuy

We take people who have been highly rated or even declined and find them affordable rates. In many cases, we perform a life insurance pre-qualification screening process which helps underwriters determine the classification of risk the insurance company would be taking on.

One area where we stand out is depending on your classification of “risk” our life insurance agents write cover letters to help explain your situation and other issues that may raise red flags to underwriters.

Medical records that are written by doctors don’t always tell the full story and underwriters review these records to determine where you may fall in terms of an insurance rating. The better your insurance rating, the lower your premium.


We complete an ANONYMOUS “pre-qualification” letter with detailed information regarding your health and send it out to all our life insurance companies.


The life insurance companies will make tentative offers (or decline). We sort through all of them and present you the best one.


If you decide to apply, we get that “ pre-qualification” offer in writing and attach it to your formal application.


We work with different health issues every day and try to write as many articles as we can to help consumers understand how their health issues will affect their life insurance.

Getting Affordable High-Risk Life Insurance

As a high-risk applicant, you’re going to pay more for your life insurance. But you don’t have to pay your whole life savings to get protection. Even with a pre-existing condition, there are some ways you can obtain qualify for an affordable high-risk life insurance policy. You can view our top rated companies for a high-risk life insurance quote to get an idea of what the premiums would be.

There are other ways to save on your month to month premium which would include, paying premiums semi-annually or annually. Life insurance carriers typically offer discounts to those to pay for a year in advance.

Exceptional advice from real U S based licensed agents

 Exceptional advice from real, U.S.-based licensed agents.

First, make sure you’re following your doctor’s orders in regards to your health. Whatever health problem you may have, make sure you’re doing all you can to control it.

Getting Life Insurance Quotes is simple and private.

Secondly, time to cut out all your bad habits. Maybe it’s late night junk food binges or smoking cigarettes.

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This should always be the first thing you do. A trusted agent knows that your history of abuse does not have to stand in the way of finding an affordable life insurance policy.

Every carrier uses different guidelines to assess risk: if you’re taking measures and adhering to the following steps, you will certainly be able to find an affordable insurance policy to suit your needs.

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High Risk Life Insurance Company Rates

Life Insurance agents all use the same published rates. It doesn’t matter if you go directly to the company or use a broker like MytermLifeGuy. What makes the difference is the health rating you obtain. That’s where an impaired risk specialist can save you A LOT of money. We’re more than happy to help you and each of our clients. Keep in mind that your age and health affect your life insurance premiums.


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When purchasing life insurance, we always want to choose the coverage amount that will be most useful to our family and loved ones in the future. When we wish to begin the application process for any type of life insurance, however, there are various factors to consider.

At My Term Life Guy, we assist each individual or family in determining the best plan for their needs. We understand that, in many circumstances, a person’s health status might be a barrier to getting traditional life insurance at a reasonable price. In order to receive a plan that offers good coverage, most life insurance companies require a medical exam. The truth is that undergoing a physical exam may be counterproductive if you are looking for a cost-effective plan with enough coverage in the future.

Even if one’s current health is strong, one’s lifestyle or previous illnesses can have an impact on future final expense insurance. If you are not a regular exerciser, a smoker, or have had a significant illness, it is conceivable that the life insurance company may not offer you the plan that you desire. If you also try to hire a policy that offers a lot of coverage while also not having a good medical history, the cost may end up being too high.

Although obtaining life insurance without a physical exam can be pricey, at My Term Life Guy, we will do everything we can to find the best insurer offer for you. The best part about working with us is that we will strive to put ourselves in your place in order to propose the best solution for you, whether it is term life insurance or guaranteed issue life insurance. Furthermore, you will not be required to pay anything to begin the application process, allowing you to compare quotes from several types of life insurance to determine which one is best for you.

You can obtain a quotation by filling out our online form. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our insurance agents if you have any questions!