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No Exam Life Insurance

Life Insurance Policies
With a Medical Exam & Without a Medical Exam


Term Life Insurance with No Medical Exam

No medical life insurance compared to other policies is more expensive and also it offers less option in comparison with full overages. Some of the options include the ability that you can increase the death benefits or else convert to permanent coverage the term policy.


Term Life Insurance with No Medical Exam
Term Life Insurance with a Medical Exam

Term Life Insurance with a Medical Exam

In order to qualify for life insurance you will have to go through a health underwriting process.

You may however qualify for life insurance with no medical exam through some of the companies we offer.

There are a few different ways that companies will underwrite you on a non medical basis. We will discuss three of these here, non medical underwriting, accelerated underwriting, and guaranteed acceptance.

While a medical exam isn’t usually something to be concerned about, please be aware that it can reveal a health condition you didn’t know about.

Most term life insurance carriers require a medical exam only if it seems warranted after asking health and life style questions.

For example:
– If they find out that you are a smoker
– Had a serious illness
– You want a high coverage amount

To learn more about term life insurance and the application process, contact Gold Cost Life Insurance today. Our advisors can help you decide if a medical exam makes sense for you or not

a medical exam isnt usually something to be concerned about